Herb Garden Chicken Coop Plans


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Grow herbs, flowers or veggies on top of this 4-hen coop.


Great design with the unique feature of having a herb garden green roof! This design is a perfect complement to any garden or flower bed. We love the stained look of the coop in the pictures above but this chicken coop can be stained or painted any color to match any motif. This coop has a small built-in run which will give your chickens a little room to maneuver on days that you may not be able to let them free range. The access to the hen house is easy with a sliding door on the inside of the coop and through the hinged door on the outside. The top to the nest lifts off easily for cleaning or can be propped up for quick egg collection. Overall, this Herb Garden Chicken Coop is an extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing chicken coop that will make a great home for your chickens.

Dimensions: 10’L x 3’W x 4’H

Cost of Materials: $250-300 depending on location and quality of materials

Flock Size: 4 Free Range Chickens

These Herb Garden Chicken Coop plans are fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. With over 100 pages of detailed instructions, even a novice builder can get through this project pretty easily. The instructions come with a shopping list for materials and a cut list.

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4 reviews for Herb Garden Chicken Coop Plans

  1. Organic Chicken Feed

    Herb Garden Coop Saint Paul, MN
    Herb Garden Coop (Saint Paul, MN)
    This customer was nice enough to send us some photos and comments after they completed building their Herb Garden Coop from our $34.95 DIY plans. After a few emails back and forth, we are excited to hear how much fun they are having with their new backyard project.

    This is what they mentioned about the plans:

    • The detail was great — cut list, specs, drawings etc.
    • We painted before and during the process, which worked fine and was probably a lot easier than doing it at the end.
    • We added a roost bar in the coop.
    • We calked a lot given how frigid it is here, so there was less wind whipping through the cracks.
    • The open floor works great, “stuff” falls through and is easy to rake out.
    • We added a 1 x 4 across the front wire wall and mounted a feeder there.
    • We will probably put plexiglass on the inside of the red door for the winter.
    • The neighbors LOVE seeing the coop over our fence from their upstairs.
    • The herb garden is awesome.
    • The design is a great use of space in our small, urban backyard and the herbs are protected from the chickens.

  2. Organic Chicken Feed

    Herb Garden Coop Marin County, CA
    Herb Garden Coop (Marin County, CA)
    Another great looking Herb Garden Coop that was constructed from our $34.95 DIY Plans. Check out the herb garden… looks like they have some strawberries in there too!

  3. Organic Chicken Feed

    Herb Garden Coop Asheville, NC
    Herb Garden Coop (Asheville, NC)
    This customer shows a great example of how to add an Herb Garden Coop into a backyard garden. They built this coop using our $34.95 Herb Garden Coop plans. and, it looks like they now have all the fixings to make a veggie omelet!

    Here is what they said:

    We picked the herb garden coop because we thought it would make a good addition to our garden. The plans were easy to follow and we are thrilled with the results!

  4. Erin & Dave, Brunswick ME

    Found this exactly at the perfect time. I was going to build some garden boxes and a coop so basically I cut my wood order in 1/2. Put it next to the garage and drilled a hole through both the garage and coop to run power to it. Because its next to the house I’m considering running some glass over the top at an angle and trying some winter greens this year.

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