Green Roof Chicken Coop Plans


Architect-designed coop for 4 hens with a garden on top.


Designed by an architect!!! This Green Roof Chicken Coop is design to keep a low profile and maintain a small foot print. It will hold up to four free range chickens. It’s also perfect for a pair of chickens. Because of the square design, it is an easy chicken coop to expand or build an adjacent chicken coop run.

The low profile of this chicken coop makes it great for smaller suburban or even “in the city” back yards. The green roof has a few benefits. Obviously, it is intended to expand your garden and it certainly adds an nice aesthetic to the design. The green roof also provides insulation helping keep your chickens cooler in the summer time and warmer in the winter time. It even provides some sound insulation against precipitation which helps reduces stress on the chickens during rainshowers (chickens are frightened very easily!).

Dimensions: 4’x4’x4′

Size Flock: Four “Free Range” Chickens

Supplies: $300-500 depending on quality of materials

Plans include materials list, cut list and step-by-step fully illustrated instructions. It is possible to build this chicken coop with a hand saw and drill but, of course, power tools always make things a little easier!

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  1. Organic Chicken Feed

    Green Roof Chicken Coop San Anselmo, CA
    Green Roof Chicken Coop (San Anselmo, CA)
    This customer built their own Green Roof Chicken Coop based on our $34.95 diy plans.

    Here is what the customer said:

    I just wanted to drop you guys an email to thank you for my green roof chicken coop plans. My daughter and I assembled our coop in three weekends time, and we loved every minute of it. I went a little crazy when we decided to raise chickens, and I downloaded 4 plans from different websites. Most of them were garbage, I’d almost say they were scams. Your plans were the real deal. Just as advertised, we were able to follow them from beginning to end. I’m hoping to send you some pictures once our chicks are old enough to live in the coop. I guess that’s only a few weeks away! Well, in any case, thank you again for pulling together such a great set of instructions. Our coop turned out perfect. Now, we just have to figure out what vegetables we’re going to plant!

  2. Organic Chicken Feed

    Green Roof Chicken Coop, Ohio
    Green Roof Chicken Coop (Ohio)
    This customer used our $34.95 DIY Green Roof Chicken Coop plans to build an awesome backyard home for their chickens. And, they went one step farther and added a chicken run on to the coop. We love their paint color selection and the ingenuity of adding their self-designed run to protect their flock during the day.

    Here is what they had to say:

    The coop is perfect for the girls and they love their oat grass growing on top. As a graphic designer and an artist, we love how the coop functions and looks!

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