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How to Talk Chicken

How to Talk Chicken – Raising Chickens 101

If you are going to raise chickens, you are going to have to know how to talk the talk. So, we thought we would include a quick primer to get you up to speed on how to talk chicken like a pro. Like many species, chickens come into this world as either male or female.…

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Types of Chicken Breeds

Different Types of Chicken Breeds

After deciding to raise chickens, the first major decision you will need to make is which breed or breeds you will raise. There are over 100 chicken breeds that have been identified, which means you could spend days researching each breed and making your selection. Before getting too caught up in the details, we recommend…

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The primary reason our customers purchase organic chicken feed is because they look forward to having their hens produce organic eggs for their families. Hens that eat organic feed produce organic eggs. And, organic eggs are believed to be healthier because they are free of chemicals, pesticides and other non-natural goodies.

Going organic is an investment, but it is a good investment. It’s a matter of perspective. For better or worse, we have inherited this world from our ancestors. At Organic Chicken Feed, we encourage taking that thought process a step further in that we are also borrowing this world from our children as our ancestors borrowed it from us.


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