Chicken House 10×6 Coop Plans


Comfortably house up to 22 hen in style.


This set of Chicken House Coop 10×6 plans includes 38 pages of step by step instructions, detailed materials list, color coded images and pictures!

Key features include:

  • 10′ x 6′ holds up to 22 hens
  • 6 exterior nests all on same side for easy egg gathering and maximizing floor space on the inside
  • Walk in for easy sweeping and cleaning, open floor plan
  • Organized roosting bars (opposite side from the nests) to make cleaning easier and provide plenty of room for you hens
  • Three sliding windows give great light to increase egg laying / predator proof screens
  • Chicken Run that fits nicely with the profile of the Chicken House 10×6 coop
  • Sits one foot off the ground to keep area around coop dry, shade for hens and predators out
  • Attractive design, adds value to landscape!

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