Coop And Run 8×8 Coop Plans


House 8-10 chickens in this attractive 8′ by 8′ coop & run


You can build this attractive Coop and Run 8×8, portable chicken coop in your back yard!

House up to 10 large chickens in the 8′ x 8′ model. It is cute, cozy, impenetrable and easy to clean!

No heat or insulation necessary, even in the cold climates. It is designed for maximum ventilation in warm climates, and it was designed in Wisconsin where temperatures vary from -15F to 100F.

Plans are available in inches and centimeters.

This Coop and Run 8×8 is a great intermediate level do-it-yourself project. If you use a carpenter or handyperson, you will appreciate these complete, easy- to- follow plans.

The building package includes:

  • Six Pages of Professionally Produced, Easy to Read, Scale Construction Drawings
  • Full color CAD dimensional drawings
  • Detailed Photos and 2 Videos Clips
  • A Complete Building Materials and Cut List
  • Detailed Construction Guide Booklet
  • Imperial and Metric Measurements
  • Technical Support
  • All Information Digitally Delivered

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