Compostable Eco-Liners (40 Pack)


Compostable Eco-Liners make composting easy and clean!

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These compostable eco-liners make composting as easy as taking out the trash! Except this trash turns into the best soil for your yard and garden! These liners are stable on the shelf but will break down with all of the microorganisms in your composter or compost pile. These liners make the compost pail easy to empty and easy to clean. It just makes composting a little easier so if time is one of the reasons you’re not composting, these liners will help!

Did you know that a handful of good compost has more microorganisms than there are people on the planet? They turn your waste into the best food for your garden.

Includes: 40 compost liners with 6 liter capacity (just over 1.5 gallons).


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