Side-by-Side Tumbler for Composting


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Side-by-Side Tumbler Design is ideal for composting. It takes several weeks (in ideal conditions) for compost to break down but you keep generating new compost material every day? The side-by-side action allows you to add new compost material to one compartment while the other compartments compost “cooks”. Historically, this required 2 compost tumblers! But, a new wave of compost tumbling is here!

Furthermore, the 5 gallon base collects compost tea from the liquid run-off of the compost. Compost tea is liquid gold for your plants!


  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured using recycled Polyethylene, BPA Free and FDA approved materials
  • Durable construction, low maintenance
  • 7 cubic foot capacity (3.5 per chamber, approx 25 gal per chamber)
  • Compost Tea Collecting Base (5 Gallons)
  • Dark Color for maximum heat absorption and fast compost cooking
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty

Dimensions: 31.5″L x 25″W x 24″H
Weight: 30lbs

This Side-by-Side Tumbler composter comes fully assembled and ready for use!


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