Chicken Fun Feed Play Toy


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Chicken play toy that fills with feed providing tons of laughs.

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This is one of the few chicken fun toys we have found that is specifically designed for your backyard chickens.

All you need to do is fill this play ball with food and your chickens will have a blast knocking it around and eating the morsels that fall out.

Recommended fills include crumble, mash or meal worms.

Fill it up, toss it in your yard, and watch as your chickens chase the treat ball around the yard as the treats spill out.

1 review for Chicken Fun Feed Play Toy

  1. Carin, Vancouver WA

    Just ordered my second one of these because I have no idea where the chickens knocked it to. Works good with crumbles and doesn’t dump them all out at once. The dog can’t figure out what is so great about it, but the chickens did.

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