DooKashi Odor Eliminator (2lb)


Naturally Remove harmful and offensive odors!


Dookashi eliminates odors. It does not mask odors. DooKashi Odor Eliminator naturally and quickly enhances the break down of waste. Ammonia odors can especially be harmful to your chickens respiratory system. Having an all natural way to eliminate these odors is just one more thing you can do to keep your chickens healthy and happy. If you’re one of urban or suburban backyard enthusiasts, Dookashi will help keep your neighbors happy with your chickens as well!!!Why DooKashi for your Coop?

  • Reduces the powerful, harmful smell of ammonia that can go from mild to major in seconds
  • Keeps your bird’s respiratory system healthy
  • Speeds up the composting process for nutrient rich chicken manure

How to use Dookashi?

Sprinkle a visible amount of DooKashi Odor Eliminator on cage floor or coop; cover with shavings. Sprinkle in nesting boxes between layers of shavings or straw. Re-apply every couple of days or when your nose (or someone else’s) tells you to. **Amount and regularity varies depending on ventilation and number of poultry in coop.

100% Natural Ingredients

  • Wheat and Rice Bran
  • A Certified Organic Probiotic
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Purified Water


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