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Funky design houses 4 hens and easily rolls to new locations.


This Chicken Tractor Rolling Coop is a unique design that is great for rolling around your back yard. It’s rather large 12′ x 4′ x 4′ and it houses up to 6 chickens. It has a nice sized shaded run. The plans are complete with how to add the roost and the nesting box. There is easy access to the run (with opening windows). Part of the design explains how to close the hen house door from the back of the coop. All in all, this is just one of the more unique designs on the market. The plans take you step by step through the process. They come complete with a shopping list, cut list and detailed step-by-step instructions. The cost of wood and hardware to build this chicken tractor is under $200. The wheels can be expensive depending on what you buy and how many. The plans call for 12 lawn mower wheels but we’ve seen various combinations of wheels used.

This Chicken Tractor chicken coop is not light. It is 12′ long. Pushing by hand is certainly possible but it takes a little effort. We only bring it up because some people like to hook it up to their riding lawn mower to move it around and we thought that was a neat idea! Anyway, if you are looking for something unique, this is as unique as we have found!

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3 reviews for Chicken Tractor Rolling Coop Plans

  1. Organic Chicken Feed

    Chicken Tractor Coop, TN
    DIY Chicken Tractor (Shuddering Squirrel Acres, TN)
    This customer purchased the $34.95 DIY Chicken Tractor plans and did an amazing job of construction!

    Here is what he had to say:

    When I was on the hunt for something unusual to house my first flock of chickens, I figured I’d know it when I saw it… The DIY Chicken Tractor. I got one of the best sets of plans I’ve found for any project worked out in my shop.

    Building it alone took longer than I expected, although most of that time was spent waiting for multiple coats of paint to dry. Boring, so I went outside and watched the grass grow instead. I used the same color scheme as the model simply because I thought it looked great.

    I made a few of my own adjustments:

    Tacking chicken wire to the outside the slats instead of inside, both to simplify the job and to discourage marauding varmints from chewing up the wood.
    Making a single pair of detachable wheel mounts from scraps of two-by-four, instead of permanently attaching six wheels and the additional heavy two-by-fours to enclose the bottom of the run as called for in the plans.
    Covering the half of the run just outside the inner door with plastic sheeting to give my chickens additional shade and to keep their feed and feeder dry when it rains.
    Our homestead is on extremely rocky, bumpy land, making it very difficult – if not impossible – for a middle-aged man to move alone. The chicken tractor’s weight is the only design “flaw” I’ve found. Even on smooth ground, it’s hard for me to imagine moving it without help. I use my backhoe, both to lift the front (wheels are at the back) and to move it where I want.

    I had a few questions for the folks at DIY Chicken Coops and they answered every one fully, clearly and cheerily. I couldn’t be much happier with the whole experience, and my chicken tractor has drawn admiring comments.

    Thanks a million for your plans, guidance and good cheer.

  2. Organic Chicken Feed

    Chicken Tractor Coop Plano, TX
    DIY Chicken Tractor (Plano, TX)
    This customer loved her DIY Chicken Tractor so much she posed with it in her photo! This tractor was built using our $34.95 Chicken Tractor Plans. Here is what she said: Finally found a coop. Thank goodness! The coop is huge! Way bigger than i expected, which is perfectly fine. The girls will be pleased to be out of the tupperware and into a mansion for sure.

  3. Paul, Atkinson NH

    I grabbed these plans after the chickens started to outgrow the prefab kit we bought somewhere else. I haven’t done any of the customizations other people have talked about, but definitely plan to winterize in the fall. It is pretty heavy but my wife and I can move it around together when cleaning it. Was a great project to do with the kids during the stay at home orders for sure.

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