Types of Chicken Feed

What to feed your chickens

What to feed your chickens  Rate it

It may come as a shock to you, but chickens are not vegetarians. In fact, given the opportunity, a chicken will eat a very well balanced and varied diet of fruits, vegetables, greens, grains, insects, grubs and even meat. Since their natural tendency is to consume a variety of foods, it is important that you feed your flock accordingly.

Why go Organic?

Why go Organic?  Rate it

The primary reason our customers purchase organic chicken feed is because they look forward to having their hens produce organic eggs for their families.

Hens that eat organic feed produce organic eggs. And, organic eggs are believed to be healthier because they are free of chemicals, pesticides and other non-natural goodies.

What is Soy-Free chicken feed?

What is Soy-Free chicken feed?  Rate it

Simply put, soy-free chicken feed is a blend of feed that does not include soy or soy byproducts. Soy is one of the big eight allergens, rich in protein but also high in phytic acid and phytoestrogen, and many soy crops are genetically modified.

What is Corn-Free chicken feed?

What is Corn-Free chicken feed?  Rate it

In addition to being a potential allergen, corn for chickens is similar to candy for children. Corn contains simple sugars, which can be converted easily into energy. This energy can be particularly useful in cold winters to help keep you girls warm. In excess though, particularly in the warmer months, these extra calories can make your flock a bit over weight.

What are Omega-3 eggs?

What are Omega-3 eggs?  Rate it

Simply put, omega-3 Eggs are eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Let us emphasize “rich” in Omega-3. All eggs have Omega-3 of approximately 50mg. Many Omega-3 eggs offered in the store that boast “Omega-3” have about 100mg which is better. But, eggs rich in Omega-3 can have up to six times the amount of omega-3 than normal eggs.

Important Information

About Organic Chicken Feed

Like you, we decided that the benefits of raising chickens and eating fresh eggs are too good to pass up.

Organic Chicken Feed is family owned, which means we get to play by our own rules and focus on our customers.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please Contact us.


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