Manna Pro Water Protector


33.9 ounce Concentrate to keep clean water and a healthy flock!

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Like all living creatures on Earth, there is nothing more important than water, so we offer Manna Pro Water Protector. Hydration is critical to the overall health of your flock. And, of course, clean, clear water improves absorption of pure H20 and is better for hydration. Water filled with contaminants, film, residue and bacteria can cause illness and diseases that lead to malnutrition. So, clean water is a good thing!!!

So, Water Protector is formulated with a unique blend of enzymes that stop residue build up, film and natural contaminants from contaminating your flock’s water supply! If we can’t find organic (and not all product categories have organic options), we look for all natural.

Manna Pro Water Protector is an all-natural solution for keeping your flock’s water supply safe and clean.

  • Helps ensure clean water!
  • Prevents build-up of film, residue and natural contaminants
  • For all poultry and fowl
  • Effective for use in plastic, galvanized and heated waterers


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