BriteTap Waterer (Model 2)


Latest waterer innovation! Turns a cooler into a hygienic waterer.


Traditional chicken waterers are easily contaminated when dirt, debris and droppings fall into open pans of water – not with the BriteTap Waterer.

The BriteTap waterer completely shields your flock’s water from contamination, so the water stays sparkling clean. No more dirty pans of water for you to rinse out.

The BriteTap waterer is fully covered. Chickens drink from special valves called poultry nipples located on the bottom of the BriteTap.

Even chickens that have used a traditional waterer all their lives quickly learn to use the BriteTap waterer because they instinctively peck at the red water valves. Once one bird learns how to drink, the rest quickly do as well — generally in just a few minutes.

The BriteTap waterer was a finalist in the 2012 Spark International Design Competition that recognizes innovation and beauty in new products.

Easily Create Your Own Customized Chicken Waterer!

The BriteTap waterer can be attached to a wide variety of plastic containers that act as the water supply tank.

Make your custom waterer from a plastic pitcher, water cooler, bucket or any other plastic container you have on hand.

Easily convert an unused water cooler by removing the spigot and replacing it with the BriteTap waterer. Works on standard 2, 3, 5 and 10 gallon water coolers. Use a cooler you already own, or buy our BriteTap Combo Pack that includes a BriteTap waterer and a 2-gallon cooler.

  • Choose a container size and style that fits perfectly in your coop or run.
  • Easily change the water supply tank at a latter date if your flock size changes.
  • Attach several BriteTap waterers to a large water supply tank to supply more than 16 chickens with water.

Your BriteTap waterer kit comes with all the hardware you’ll need to attach it to the water supply tank of your choosing. The BriteTap waterer works best with Rubbermaid Coolers. It also works well with Igloo coolers. Like any valve or spigot, this waterer can be attached to any container with a little work.


  • Keeps water sparkling clean and hygienic.
  • Supplies 16 chickens with water.
  • Proximity to water tank prevents chickens from perching on top.
  • Can be customized to your needs.
  • Set up in less than two minutes. No special tools are needed.
  • Clear plastic design & clean out plugs make it easy to access the interior for cleaning.
  • Works for baby chicks, chickens, ducks and other small fowl.
  • Side-mounting position of valves allows you to place waterer on flat surface.
  • Can also water chicks over 2 weeks old, ducks, quail, guinea fowl, and rabbits.


  • Made of UV resistant plastic to withstand the harmful effects of sunlight.
  • BriteTap waterer’s clear design make it easy to see inside when filling or cleaning.
  • Clean-out plugs let you access the interior of the BritetTap waterer when cleaning.
  • Attaches to Igloo® and Rubbermaid® insulated beverage coolers or plastic containers you drill a hole into.

Improvements versus the BriteTap Model 1:

  • New shape and rounded interior walls make it easier to clean with a bottle brush.
  • Clean out plug on front is more durable and easier to remove and insert.
  • Can be attached to containers with walls up to 1″ thick (21 mm)
  • BPA Free


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