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Welcome to Organic Chicken Feed!

Welcome to our site! We've been working hard to get it up and running. We are excited to finally have it launched. It is a lot of fun to see the website come to life. We want to start on the blog by talking a little bit about who we are and what we hope to bring to our customers.
The Navy to the Farm! (March)

The Navy to the Farm! (March)  Rate it

Having spent 4 years at the Naval Academy and 10 years in the Navy, I have a soft spot for my fellow shipmates! Anne is one of those shipmates and our March Hen of the Month! Congratulations Anne! She writes: "My husband and I love our chickens. We both grew up in the city and often longed for a more simple way of life. We met while both serving on active duty in the Navy and that in itself is a busy life, traveling from one place to another....
A Spring Chicken (April)

A Spring Chicken (April)  Rate it

Congratulations Karin!!! Everyone loves a spring chicken! This one is 10 days old and ready to spread her wings! That's what spring is all about... getting out there and getting busy. We love it! Karin is the April Hen of the Month and we love what she's doing by being more self sufficient. Karin writes:
The Mighty Angmar (February)

The Mighty Angmar (February)  Rate it

Amy Barr and her Tennessee flock wins this February's Hen of the Month. The Mighty Angmar strutting for two Araucana Gals sure looks like Valentine's Day on the farm.... or an early spring, perhaps? Just because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (and the cold air keeps hanging around) this year isn't stopping The Mighty Angmar from stirring up some spring magic! Thank you for your submission Amy!
Chickens and Cold Weather

Chickens and Cold Weather  Rate it

We get a lot of questions about cold weather. Will my chickens survive? What can I do to keep them warm? How cold is too cold? Should I have insulation on the coop? Okay, before we get started on cold weather tips, we want you to consider that chickens have survived the ages. They've made it through without electricity or modern technology. Of course, that being said, we all know that modern technology has improved life expectancy significantly over the last thousand years.
Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken Coop Plans

Well, when you think about the foundation of Organic Chicken Feed, chicken coop plans and chicken coop kits are certainly at the heart of it! It's such a perfect fit for people that want to raise chickens because people that want raise chicken like to be hands on.
Baby Betty (April)

Baby Betty (April)  Rate it

I finally got a picture of one of my girls. Her name is Betty and this little girl is definitely unique compared to the rest. Here's her story:

I've had my girls for 4 weeks now. When I first got them, I knew there was something special about Betty. Not only was she the smallest one of the flock, but the most talkative. At first she was super shy, didn't want to show her face, but after a day or two, she showed her true colors. How?

Lovey & the Fluffball of Chicks (April)

Lovey & the Fluffball of Chicks (April)  Rate it

These are my first chickens ever. I plan to raise 10 of them. I decided that it was time to take my family's health in my own hands to ensure they were getting organic, healthy, non GMO foods. I plan to give them organic feed and will only mix organic vegetables for scraps/treats. I have a insulated coop that has an attached covered run but plan to let them free range around my yard that also has a fence. I totally new to this but am excited to get farm fresh organic eggs!

Betty, Lovey and Felicity's Farm (April)

Betty, Lovey and Felicity's Farm (April)  Rate it

We had several great submissions this month and finally decided on a three way tie for April’s Hen of the Month. It’s spring time and among the winners, is a very appropriate spring theme: New Beginnings. As we read through the stories and considered all of them, there were three that resonated with us because each of the three stories represent a new beginning for something different: a baby chick, a business idea and a new hen owner!

Marissa's Family Adventure (June)

Marissa's Family Adventure (June)  Rate it

Our chicks have arrived and although we thought we were well prepared, we have also learned already that things happen and you just have to keep cluckin'!

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