Electric Heater Base for Waterer


Keeps 3-5 gallon ground waterers from freezing in winter months.

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This electric heater base is ideal during the winter months because it keeps your ground waterers from freezing!

This unit keeps the water warm enough to prevent freezing, by turning on automatically when the outside temperature drops below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, the unit is gentle enough to ensure plastic waterers are not damaged in any way.

Specially designed for use with our 3 Gallon and 5 Gallon ground waterers, the electric heater base can also be used with a watering pan, metal bowl or other similarly sized products.

Rated for use in temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. If it gets colder than that in your area, we recommend putting this waterer within your coop and using an auxiliary heat source like a light bulb to keep your coop warmer than the outside air.


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