Heated Fountain for Chickens (3 Gallon)


Hanging 3 gallon waterer with built-in thermostat-controlled heater.

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For all of you living in parts of this country that get a little chilly in the winter, this heated fountain is a must-have product for you. This fountain heats automatically to keep your water from freezing and to keep your chickens from getting thirsty.

Constructed of durable plastic, this fountain uses a built-in thermostat-controlled 100 watt heating element to warm your water in the winter. The heater turns on whenever the temperature drops below 34 degrees.

This heated waterer is rated for use in temperatures 0 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. If it gets colder than that in your area, we recommend putting this heated fountain within your coop and using an auxiliary heat source like a light bulb to keep your coop warmer than the outside air.


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