Child Skrub’a Glove for Produce


Easy for kids to clean produce!



The Child Skrub’a glove is an extremely safe and easy way to effectively clean your produce! These gloves are even FDA Approved for food safety! Gloves are reusable and last for several months. In the juicing world, we are all about preserving vitamins in your juice. 50% of vitamins are located in the peel. If you use a peeler, you’re reducing the vitamin content of your produce. Using these gloves is a hygienic and healthy way to clean your produce without removing the vitamins!

It’s great to get the kids involved in cleaning the produce. It teaches them great habits in food preparation but it can be a lot of fun. Kids love the juicer and they like to “be important”. Cleaning produce is an important job! We sell the kids gloves so they can get involved and be a part of the juicing process!

The Child Skrub’a glove is made with durable and washable nylon. Machine Washable and Dishwasher Safe!


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