Blue Brooder Bulbs (6 Pack)


Set of 6 blue bulbs used to attract chicks to a heat source.

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This low wattage Blue Brooder Bulbs should be used to attract baby chicks to a heating element, feed, or water.

Our universal box brooder has a socket specially designed for this bulb.

Please note that this bulb is not a heat source in itself. If you are building your own home brooder, you will also need to purchase a brooder heater like those listed below in the related products section

Blue Brooder Bulbs have become even more popular than the red recently with professional brooders. Low intensity white light is also popular because it has been shown to increase food conversion and does not cause added risk for pecking. And, Red lights have been used for years and are still preferred by some breeders.

It’s hard to go wrong no matter what color you chose. It really comes down to personal preference more than anything else.


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