The Role of Roosters

Intestinal Microflora

Microflora in the Digestive Tract

Many problems with the digestion system are a result of beneficial microflora being out of balance. When that happens, the digestive tract can be overrun with many foreign organisms and cause diarrhea which leads to dehydration and malnutrition. When a chick is born in nature, its digestive tract is sterile. So, chicks actually get this…

Abnormal Chicken Droppings

Abnormal Chicken Droppings

Before we can diagnose “abnormal” chicken droppings, we need to know what normal droppings are! Normal droppings are dark brown, mostly solid (not runny), and often covered in white “powder” which is uric acid from the urinary system (since chickens don’t urinate). Do not confuse normal droppings with ceca droppings. Ceca droppings are mustard to…