Hen of the Month

Home Sweet Home (July)

Home Sweet Home (July)  Rate it

We have 2 Speckled Sussex chickens and 1 black Labrador Retriever named Maggie. One night at dusk as my husband tucked in the chickens and Maggie for the night I heard my husband frantically yelling "Maggie whoa, Maggie here, Maggie whoa". Our dog has a history of running into skunks, so when my husband came into the house and said "it's worse than I thought" I feared another skunk attack.
We Bought a Farm! (May)

We Bought a Farm! (May)  Rate it

We moved from NJ to Beloit, WI two years ago. After renting for a year, we bought a victorian farm house built in 1865 that sits on ten acres of land. We immediately began making Plans for our little farm. I could envision chickens running around and my children chasing after them. I could see them riding horses on the trails in the woods and me milking goats. We know nothing about farm animals, etc.... at this point.
Felicity's Farm (April)

Felicity's Farm (April)  Rate it

I am writing about a business that is very new to me. It can be done at your home if you have a yard or even a few large pots on the patio. It doesn't require a formal education... just some patience, good fertilizer (we recommend manure and peat) and some muscles for shoveling dirt! It is really not unique, but it certainly does seem to be in this day and age. Can you guess what it is yet? A home-based farm!

Mother of Eleven (June)

Mother of Eleven (June)  Rate it

Jo Ann's story is a fun one. It's amazing how things build and grow! This tends to happen when people are passionate about what they do! And, this hen is certainly passionate about her chicks. She's keeping all 11 of them warm!!! She'll definitely be busy. Looks like at least one of her chicks is ready to make a break for it!
Elizabeth and the Dixie Chicks (March)

Elizabeth and the Dixie Chicks (March)  Rate it

Elizabeth and The Dixie Chicks" have been selected as our 2013 March Hen of the month. We've been testing a new watering device and asked Mark generously offerred up his girls to be a proving ground! Mark is a long time customer. Besides raising chickens, Mark is an amazing artist. You can check out his work here: MW Malone Fine Art

Check out Mark's "Training Day" story inside!

Getting in the Arena (July)

Getting in the Arena (July)  Rate it

It’s our pleasure to announce the July 2014 Hen of the Month as a “Flock” of individuals coming together to do great things. The theme behind it all is “helping people help themselves.” And, at DIY Topics, that is what we do so we love to see it!

Dustin Inge decided to make his Eagle Scout Project about providing chickens and a chicken coop to a local woman’s shelter in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Broody Ginger (August)

Broody Ginger (August)  Rate it

It’s all about having fun. These girls all have their own personalities! This pic is of my buff partridge silkie Ginger. I got her in April from a dear friend in Michigan. She was in quarantine for about a month before I introduced her to my other girls. Once I introduced her, a few short days later my dear Ginger went broody on me. I’ve never experienced a broody hen before so all this was new to me. This picture was taken of her trying to figure out a way to get into the nesting box.....
The Eggs (September)

The Eggs (September)  Rate it

On the joys of Raising Chickens - To be honest, lately, I have been a little mad at them as they keep getting out of the fenced area I have for them and ripping up my gardens! But, I think I’ve finally fixed that problem!

Why do I raise them? The eggs! Need I say more! Fresh wholesome goodness and same day eating! That’s why I raise them.

Snowball (February)

Snowball (February)  Rate it

We are just getting started with our "Hen of the Month" program. Snowball is our first selection. She is a Silkie that hails from Pennsylvania and is our February Girl of the Month. It's wintertime and Snowball is the perfect name for the season. Betty is Snowball's caretaker and therefore, our "Happy Hen Owner of the Month". By her own admission, she spoils Snowball "just a little bit".
Goldie (January)

Goldie (January)  Rate it

We'd like to kick off our 2013 with a new program and start recognizing some of our customers. When we talk to people, we find that their girls provide them with more than just eggs! It turns out that our hens provide us with quite a bit of entertainment! Whether introducing them to a new home, checking out a new treat or watching them forage about, there always seems to be a fun story to tell!

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