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The Navy to the Farm! (March)

The Navy to the Farm! (March)

The Navy to the Farm! (March) Having spent 4 years at the Naval Academy and 10 years in the Navy, I have a soft spot for my fellow shipmates! Anne is one of those shipmates. She writes: "My husband and I love our chickens. We both grew up in the city and often longed for a more simple way of life. We met while both serving on active duty in the Navy and that in itself is a busy life, traveling from one place to another. We moved to Virginia and found a small farm to rent while stationed in Northern Virginia. We raised four as babies and the remaining 10 were given to us. It has been such a rewarding and joyful experience. Our hens and one rooster are the most amazing creatures. Every evening we pick our eggs and are so thankful for such a nutritious gift. There has never been a time where we tire of "chicken keeping" as well call the chores associated with a keeping a small flock. I started sharing eggs with my co workers last June and it sparked enthusiasm in backyard chickens. Several people have started raising their own flocks. There is so much to learn and we share tidbits of information during our breaks. People are so appreciative of the eggs and often remark about their genuine egg taste. Two months ago we donated 24 eggs to a young girl for her science project. Of the 24 eggs place in the incubator, 18 hatched and all are thriving. Raising chickens added a whole new dimension to our lives as it helped us slow down and appreciate the simple things in life, like a delicious, healthy egg. Our eggs far exceed the eggs found in grocery stores and it is because we take care to feed them only quality products. Whether it is scratch or table food, we make sure to feed clean food and of the best quality. In return, we our girls give us the most beautiful, delicious, and healthy eggs. They are priceless."

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