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Organic Feed
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Organic, Non-GMO Feed

SHIPS FREE Our certified organic, GMO-Free blends are full of healthy, natural ingredients. Your chickens will love our Chick Starters and Layer Blends. And, we even offer Soy-Free options.
Probiotics & Electrolytes
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A Healthy Boost

Decrease mortality rates, improve absorption of nutrients and feed conversion with products that promote digestion and enhance the absorption of nutrients like Probiotics-for-Chickens. Your chickens will grow stronger, naturally fight off disease and produce more eggs!.

Chicken Treats
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Organic Feed


Keep your chickens happy, healthy and strong. Choose a specially formulated chick starter to start your babies off right. Or, try one of our formulations for egg layers, meat birds, or show birds. And, don't forget chicken treats every now and then!

Accessories & Cleaning
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All Natural Cleaning Products and must-have chicken raising accessories!
Incubators & Brooders
In: Incubators & Brooders

Hatch your eggs!! Keep your chicks warm! All of the gear you need to get it going to give your chicks a good start!

Incubators, Brooders, Brooder bulbs, commercial equipment, brooder pens and more!

Feeders & Waterers
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Gear Up!

Stick to durable, well-designed supplies like chicken feeders and chicken waterers and your chickens will thank you for years to come.

Chicken Coop Building
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A Place to Call Home

Keep your chickens safe and sound. Purchase a chicken coop kit and assemble your coop in a weekend. Or, take the DIY route, and purchase a set of chicken coop plans so you can easily build your coop on your own.

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About Organic Chicken Feed

Like you, we decided that the benefits of raising chickens and eating fresh eggs are too good to pass up.

Organic Chicken Feed is family owned, which means we get to play by our own rules and focus on our customers.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please Contact us.


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