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I have my first flock this year and thought I had everything covered, but did not. Being able to grab things I found out I was missing while reading the articles was really helpful.

New Hampshire
Peterborough, NH

Chicken Tractor Plans

Finally found a coop. Thank goodness! The coop is huge! Way bigger than i expected, which is perfectly fine. The girls will be pleased to be out of the tupperware and into a mansion for sure.

Plano, TX

Green Roof Chicken Coop

I just wanted to drop you guys an email to thank you for my green roof chicken coop plans. My daughter and I assembled our coop in three weekends time, and we loved every minute of it. I went a little crazy when we decided to raise chickens, and I downloaded 4 plans from different websites. Most of them were garbage, I’d almost say they were scams. Your plans were the real deal.

San Anselmo, CA

Chicken Tractor Plans

When I was on the hunt for something unusual to house my first flock of chickens, I figured I’d know it when I saw it… The DIY Chicken Tractor. I got one of the best sets of plans I’ve found for any project worked out in my shop.

New York
Shuddering Squirrel Acres, TN

Green Roof Chicken Coop

The coop is perfect for the girls and they love their oat grass growing on top. As a graphic designer and an artist, we love how the coop functions and looks!


Herb Garden Coop

We picked the herb garden coop because we thought it would make a good addition to our garden. The plans were easy to follow and we are thrilled with the results!

Asheville, NC

Herb Garden Coop Plans

The detail was great — cut list, specs, drawings etc. The open floor works great, “stuff” falls through and is easy to rake out. The neighbors LOVE seeing the coop over our fence from their upstairs. The design is a great use of space in our small, urban backyard and the herbs are protected from the chickens.

Saint Paul, MN