Chicken Health

Crop Impaction

Crop Impaction  Rate it

The crop can become impacted known as crop impaction, crop binding or pendulous crop. The result of crop impaction is that the food cannot get past the crop which means it never reaches the small intestine where it is turned from feed to useful nutrients.

Abnormal Chicken Droppings

Abnormal Chicken Droppings  Rate it

Before we can diagnose “abnormal” chicken droppings, we need to know what normal chicken droppings are! Normal droppings are dark brown, mostly solid (not runny) and often covered in white “powder” which is uric acid from the urinary system (since chickens don’t urinate).

Damaged Gizzard

Damaged Gizzard  Rate it

A chicken’s gizzard can get damaged by consuming sharp objects (glass chards, tacks, staples, nails, etc). Since chickens will peck at and consume just about anything, it’s important to keep their chicken coop and foraging area free from sharp objects.

Intestinal Microflora

Intestinal Microflora  Rate it

Many problems with the digestion system are a result of beneficial microflora being out of balance. When that happens, the digestive tract can be overrun with many foreign organisms and cause diarrhea which leads to dehydration and malnutrition.

Too Much Calcium

Too Much Calcium  Rate it

Oyster Shell or Limestone – Given to Layers as a calcium supplement which they need to form strong egg shells. However, DO NOT GIVE TO CHICKS. Too much calcium in chicks can cause bone development problems and even damage the kidneys.

Omphalitis  Rate it

Omphalitis is an infected yolk sac and this article is more about prevention than cure. If the yolk sac is infected, there is really no way to know until chick starts acting lethargic and sluggish. Signs that a baby chick is lethargic are moving sluggishly, slow to react and drooping of their heads. Unfortunately, these symptoms are only evident a few hours prior to death and not much can be done.
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