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What are Omega-3 eggs?

What are Omega-3 eggs?

What are Omega-3 eggs?

Simply put, omega-3 Eggs are eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Let us emphasize “rich” in Omega-3. All eggs have Omega-3 of approximately 50mg. Many Omega-3 eggs offered in the store that boast “Omega-3” have about 100mg which is better. But, eggs rich in Omega-3 can have up to six times the amount of omega-3 than normal eggs.

The omega-3 found in omega-3 eggs is normally Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) which is the same omega-3 fatty acid found in flax seed. Accordingly, flax seed is a significant part of the diet for hens that produce omega-3 eggs! Certain nuts and soybeans also contain significant amounts of ALA. Of course, you may want to read our soy-free section before seeking your omega-3 fatty acids through soy.

It is important to understand the ALA is not the only omega-3 fatty acid and that the best source of omega-3 fatty acid is found in fish oils, most concentrated in salmon. The types of omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oils are called Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA).

As omega-3 fatty acids, ALA, DHA and EPA are believed to promote good health, reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Research is evolving but, at the moment, DHA is believed to have the most significant benefits.

With eggs in general, it’s important to understand that the yolk is high in cholesterol but that’s also where the omega-3 fatty acid resides. So, does the omega-3 in the egg counter balance the cholesterol? Let’s just say the research is ongoing. Honestly, not all omega-3 eggs are created equal. Some have more omega-3 than others and that’s based upon the hens, their metabolism, diet and thousands of other environmental conditions.

Regardless, the key take-away is simple: omega-3 eggs are likely better than normal eggs. If you’re eating egg yolks or using them as an ingredient, omega-3 eggs are probably superior to regular eggs because they offer the benefits of omega-3 and, at a minimum, may help reduce the negative impacts of cholesterol found in the yolk.

As stewards of hen houses, you know free range, well fed, safely kept hens produce superior to eggs to those normally purchased in the store.

The good news for your hens, if you’re buying feed from us, is that our feed includes flaxseed as an ingredient so your hens are getting some omega-3 in their diet. If you want to increase the amount of omega-3 in their diet which we recommend, we sell organic flax seed and all natural omega-3 supplements that keep your hens eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

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