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Passionate about their Flock (November)

Passionate about their Flock (November)

Passionate about their Flock (November) We find so many people that raise chickens are passionate about it. We always talk about getting back to the basics and getting more involved in things that are good for us and good for the well being of our planet.

As Thanksgiving draws near, we'd like to give thanks for all of the people that are so passionate about getting involved with the food that eat, enjoying simple things and getting back to the basics. Christine and her boyfriend have put together a chicken coop out of recycled materials, tried incubating their chickens, have taken on a rooster and multiple hens. They're having fun and successfully maintaining a productive flock.

Congratulations on being the November 2013 Hen of the month. Christine writes:
"For me, the reason we raise chickens is very simple. I am not sure what my boyfriend's reason initially was but he said he had always wanted to raise them. I wanted chickens because I wanted FREE RANGE eggs. I hate that animals are confined, of any kind and if I had the money I would have a huge farm/ranch/shelter where they could roam free and live worry free for the rest of their lives, regardless of breed or age. I am working towards that.

Anyways, I was always telling my boyfriend at the store to not buy the cheaper eggs but the free range eggs. That went on for several months and then he started building a coop with recycled material. I would help whenever I could and soon we were off to a local sale and bought 5 bitties, a silkie rooster and I think it was 4 or 5 'teenagers' as I call them. We did not know their sex yet and they were not ready to lay.

We ended up having a total of 5 roosters, we sold one, gave 3 away and kept Silkie.

What a wonderful bunch. Chickens are so beautiful. We ended up getting some more, lost some too :( but out of the second set, we got lucky and have a sitting hen. She has given us some babies. We currently have three chicks that are 3 weeks old. And, hopefully none of her babies from when she first hatched them this April until 3 weeks ago are roosters! :)

We are also lucky that one of our initial hens (we call her Bearded Dragon because she has feathers sticking out left and right of her face) lays blue/green (Easter) eggs.

Over the course of raising chickens, we've also tried incubating. We incubated two, one disappeared but the other made it and she is so beautiful she reminds me of a dove!

We love our fresh (free range) eggs!!!!! When they lay, the eggs are nice and warm when you pick them shortly after they laid, the yolk is a dark yellow or orange and the nutritional value is just so good.

Our chickens provide us with great entertainment! Watching them dust which I had never seen before is wonderful, watching them run is hilarious with their fluffy butts and when you are able to pet them, they are so soft.

Sooooo, besides being a crazy cat lover, I now love chickens too!

It all started in March 2012, and that's when my love started."

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