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A Spring Chicken (April)

A Spring Chicken (April)  Rate it

Congratulations Karin!!! Everyone loves a spring chicken! This one is 10 days old and ready to spread her wings! That's what spring is all about... getting out there and getting busy. We love it! Karin is the April Hen of the Month and we love what she's doing by being more self sufficient. Karin writes:
The Navy to the Farm! (March)

The Navy to the Farm! (March)  Rate it

Having spent 4 years at the Naval Academy and 10 years in the Navy, I have a soft spot for my fellow shipmates! Anne is one of those shipmates and our March Hen of the Month! Congratulations Anne! She writes: "My husband and I love our chickens. We both grew up in the city and often longed for a more simple way of life. We met while both serving on active duty in the Navy and that in itself is a busy life, traveling from one place to another....
The Mighty Angmar (February)

The Mighty Angmar (February)  Rate it

Amy Barr and her Tennessee flock wins this February's Hen of the Month. The Mighty Angmar strutting for two Araucana Gals sure looks like Valentine's Day on the farm.... or an early spring, perhaps? Just because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (and the cold air keeps hanging around) this year isn't stopping The Mighty Angmar from stirring up some spring magic! Thank you for your submission Amy!
Our Christmas Coop! (December)

Our Christmas Coop! (December)  Rate it

Our December Hen of the Month Story comes out of hails from the Garden State. A great story from Charles and Tracie! Thank you for sharing! We love the Christmas lights on the coop! Very festive! Tracie writes:

"Merry Christmas! We raise chickens because well, it was my husband's idea!" Read more inside......

Passionate about their Flock (November)

Passionate about their Flock (November)  Rate it

As Thanksgiving draws near, we'd like to give thanks for all of the people that are so passionate about getting involved with the food that eat, enjoying simple things and getting back to the basics. Christine and her boyfriend have put together a chicken coop out of recycled materials, tried incubating their chickens, have taken on a rooster and multiple hens. They're having fun and successfully maintaining a productive flock. Congratulations on being the November 2013 Hen of the month. Christine writes:
The Black Australorps (October)

The Black Australorps (October)  Rate it

It's fall and most things are starting to wind down for the year but the Hardin's are just getting started with their Black Australorps. So, as many people are "falling into Christmas", the Hardin's are getting started with a new venture and are starting to raise chickens. No reason to wait until the new year to get started with new ventures! Colton writes:
No. 1 (September)

No. 1 (September)  Rate it

Diane is one of our customers that raises her girls in the Bluegrass State! She just acquired 6 chickens that appear to be Plymouth Rocks. She's feeds them organically because she personally avoids any food that might be genetically modified, she follows the same guidelines for her chickens. Here is her story about No. 1!
The Golden Comets (August)

The Golden Comets (August)  Rate it

Mary Frances raises her girls in the Sunshine State.... and since we have a sister website in all about DIY Chicken Coops, we love the materials she used to put together her DIY Chicken Coop! Great Job! Here is Mary Frances' story: "Last September, after constructing their residence (see pics) we purchased 6 Golden Comets which were 3 weeks old......
Home Sweet Home (July)

Home Sweet Home (July)  Rate it

We have 2 Speckled Sussex chickens and 1 black Labrador Retriever named Maggie. One night at dusk as my husband tucked in the chickens and Maggie for the night I heard my husband frantically yelling "Maggie whoa, Maggie here, Maggie whoa". Our dog has a history of running into skunks, so when my husband came into the house and said "it's worse than I thought" I feared another skunk attack.
Marissa's Family Adventure (June)

Marissa's Family Adventure (June)  Rate it

Our chicks have arrived and although we thought we were well prepared, we have also learned already that things happen and you just have to keep cluckin'!

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