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The Mighty Angmar (February)

The Mighty Angmar (February)

The Mighty Angmar (February) Amy Barr and her Tennessee flock wins this February's Hen of the Month. The Mighty Angmar strutting for two Araucana Gals sure looks like Valentine's Day on the farm.... or an early spring, perhaps? Just because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (and the cold air keeps hanging around) this year isn't stopping The Mighty Angmar from stirring up some spring magic! Thank you for your submission Amy! Amy writes: "Over a half year ago we moved to TN, fulfilling a lifelong dream to own a little acreage. While we had a few backyard hens in NC, we wanted a larger free-range flock to produce eggs for our 9-person family. Our 16 Rhode Island and Araucana chicks arrived the first of November, including a brave little rooster. Once the birds were fully feathered, everyone moved out to the coop in mid-December. Our sweet rooster, R.B. (Rooster Boy), did his best to defend his ladies against the bald eagle that haunts our lofty ridge top. At only half-size (but fully brave) he lost his battle with the local eagle and was sadly gone in a swish while the rest of the flock ran for cover. We live near two Amish communities who supply us with great veggies, honey, preserves, eggs, and more. One family mentioned they had extra young roosters that were soon doomed to the stew pot soon. We convinced our friends to spare one and sell us their second-hand rooster: We needed a new brave watch dog over the flock! In January mighty Angmar arrived and integrated easily into the flock. Now he is ruler of all he surveys, and splits his time between the main flock and visiting Daisy, our hen who hurt her leg in a storm. She lives in our azalea bushes near our front door during the day while she learns to walk again. Angmar makes the trek up the hill 4 or 5 times a day to impress her with his majestic crowing, treating the whole family to a nice wake-up call every morning."

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