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The Golden Comets (August)

The Golden Comets (August)

The Golden Comets (August) Mary Frances raises her girls in the Sunshine State.... and since we have a sister website in all about DIY Chicken Coops, we love the materials she used to put together her DIY Chicken Coop! Great Job! Here is Mary Frances' story: "Last September, after constructing their residence (see pics) we purchased 6 Golden Comets which were 3 weeks old. My coop is made from an old teacher's desk and the enclosure was formerly used to house a boat or extra car. This allows them lots of space to scratch and frolic. Since my girls have never roosted, they simply all pack into one side of the old desk where the drawers were. I removed the drawers and supports and placed a turkey roasting pan in its place. This make such easy cleaning in the morning as all the poop is in the pan. All 6 pack in at dusk. On the other drawer side I have replaced a drawer with hay as their nesting box. The swinging door is locked at night and I open and let them out by 7 A.M. Sometimes I will have 1 -2 eggs by then. I use two 5 gallon buckets for water and for their organic feed. I supplement with organic greens or anything else organic I find. I sell my extra eggs for $5 a dozen. I have found that since my neighbors leave their lights on all night that my girls are happier if I cover the door with black plastic. When I remove it they know that it is time to get out of the coop. Since the top is covered and the coop is raised, they have room to stay dry during all of our Florida rains, run, and scratch. As one of their favorite daily activities, they like to sit on their chair, explore and investigate the top of their coop. Besides that, my six girls are busy! They give me 5 eggs every day! They are happy and productive and so entertaining! And, though not real popular, I would highly recommend Golden Comets as they are early layers, friendly, not aggressive, and great layers." Thank you for sharing!!!

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