2014 Winners

The Eggs (September)

The Eggs (September)  Rate it

On the joys of Raising Chickens - To be honest, lately, I have been a little mad at them as they keep getting out of the fenced area I have for them and ripping up my gardens! But, I think I’ve finally fixed that problem!

Why do I raise them? The eggs! Need I say more! Fresh wholesome goodness and same day eating! That’s why I raise them.

Broody Ginger (August)

Broody Ginger (August)  Rate it

It’s all about having fun. These girls all have their own personalities! This pic is of my buff partridge silkie Ginger. I got her in April from a dear friend in Michigan. She was in quarantine for about a month before I introduced her to my other girls. Once I introduced her, a few short days later my dear Ginger went broody on me. I’ve never experienced a broody hen before so all this was new to me. This picture was taken of her trying to figure out a way to get into the nesting box.....
Getting in the Arena (July)

Getting in the Arena (July)  Rate it

It’s our pleasure to announce the July 2014 Hen of the Month as a “Flock” of individuals coming together to do great things. The theme behind it all is “helping people help themselves.” And, at DIY Topics, that is what we do so we love to see it!

Dustin Inge decided to make his Eagle Scout Project about providing chickens and a chicken coop to a local woman’s shelter in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Mother of Eleven (June)

Mother of Eleven (June)  Rate it

Jo Ann's story is a fun one. It's amazing how things build and grow! This tends to happen when people are passionate about what they do! And, this hen is certainly passionate about her chicks. She's keeping all 11 of them warm!!! She'll definitely be busy. Looks like at least one of her chicks is ready to make a break for it!
A Spring Chicken (April)

A Spring Chicken (April)  Rate it

Congratulations Karin!!! Everyone loves a spring chicken! This one is 10 days old and ready to spread her wings! That's what spring is all about... getting out there and getting busy. We love it! Karin is the April Hen of the Month and we love what she's doing by being more self sufficient. Karin writes:
The Navy to the Farm! (March)

The Navy to the Farm! (March)  Rate it

Having spent 4 years at the Naval Academy and 10 years in the Navy, I have a soft spot for my fellow shipmates! Anne is one of those shipmates and our March Hen of the Month! Congratulations Anne! She writes: "My husband and I love our chickens. We both grew up in the city and often longed for a more simple way of life. We met while both serving on active duty in the Navy and that in itself is a busy life, traveling from one place to another....
The Mighty Angmar (February)

The Mighty Angmar (February)  Rate it

Amy Barr and her Tennessee flock wins this February's Hen of the Month. The Mighty Angmar strutting for two Araucana Gals sure looks like Valentine's Day on the farm.... or an early spring, perhaps? Just because Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (and the cold air keeps hanging around) this year isn't stopping The Mighty Angmar from stirring up some spring magic! Thank you for your submission Amy!
A New Year's Feast! (January)

A New Year's Feast! (January)  Rate it

Dorcey raises her girls in Southern California! She likes to feed them organic whole grains and they're kicking off their year with some healthy and hearty Organic Grains (as they always do)! Furthermore, Dorcey's flock is growing! We think that's a great way to kick off the new year! Dorcey writes, "I love my hens not only for their eggs but also as our pets. I love it that I can get fresh eggs from my back yard and know that they are eating organic feed and are free range. They always come running to us when we go out to see them. I have three that are lying at the moment and six new additions."
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